Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Parts!

I received an email from Shari at ElectroAutomotive that she shipped a box of parts to me.  According to her updated invoice and cross-checking against the parts in the box, I got:

- Circuit breaker, charger mount rubber feet, all battery box holddown studs, mid-exhaust outlet, battery lugs and interconnect straps, hydrometer, bulk wire, 3-wire cable, front-to-rear wire, key switch relay, charger interlock relay, potbox relay, motor overtemp relay, fuse block and fuses, electrical connector kit, trunk lid weatherstripping and the Convert It book.

This means I'm still waiting for:

- motor adapter hub and bushing, motor controller, main contactor, DC/DC converter, battery charger, all suspension parts, heavy cable, wire crimper, cable crimper, engine compartment loom, two high current terminal blocks, battery box weatherstripping and the hood pin set.

I'm glad EA is stepping up and getting me a stream of parts.  There are some significant parts remaining and I'm stuck on the straight path through the steps right now, waiting for the motor adapter hub and bushing.  I'm going to have to jump around a bit, doing what I can with the parts I have.  I'm also doing the renovation in parallel, so there's no lack of things to work on.

Here are the parts in all of their glory: