Sunday, March 1, 2015

I just got fucked by Google. #GoogleFucked?

Well, all of my pictures are gone.  Thanks (I think...) to Jason for point this out.

After a quick Google search (ironic) I found out why.  When I make a post, I write the text and explicitly upload each picture or video.  I move and size the picture, then save and publish the post.  Easy, right?  Not exactly.

Google now owns Blogspot.  What happens under the covers is Google doesn't lock the photo to your blog post, it puts your uploaded picture into your AutoSync thingy and then makes a link from the blog to your photo.

AutoSync was starting to fill up, I thought, with every picture I took on my phone and I was running out of the space Google gives you for email.  So I cleaned it out.  I just invoked the Law of Unintended Consequences.  Fuck me.

So what to do.

After I get over this rage I have going on right now, I'll probably slowly go back and fix the posts.  I hope it's easy to fix these, I've got a couple of thousand to do.

Note that this would not have happened if Blogspot had remained independent, or if I used another blogging platform.

Update: On May 16, 2015 I've just finished fixing all 205 blog entries with over 1600 images.  That's a lot of hours I won't get back.