Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EVTV Electric Vehicle Video Show Site

Our friend Ritchie in Australia turned me on to  The site is a series of videos by Jack Rickard and "Brain" Noto.  I haven't figured out all of Jack's background, but he and Brian used to publish Boardwatch Magazine back in the days of dial-up computer BBS systems.  He also owns two DC-3s and a Lear airplane.

The video series starts off with a description of the electric conversion they did on a Porsche 356 Speedster.  I'm about halfway through the videos on a conversion they're doing to a BMW Mini Clubman.

The videos are a combination of electric vehicle news, deep battery technology analysis, strong opinions on the industry and hands-on tear downs and electric part installation.

Be prepared to spend many, many hours of your life watching the videos.  They do more rather slowly, but it's a good, casual style mixed in with a tremendous amount of valuable information.

I've found the video streaming from the web site to be problematic but they have also mirrored their videos on youtube.