Monday, August 18, 2014

EVCCON 2014 - Day 5

This is the last official day of the show.  A group of people and several cars went just south of Cape Girardeau to Dyno Dom's Sikeston Dragway.  This is a 1/8th mile NHRA official track, so any fast times set here go into the record books.  Last year Jack's speedster set several records, and we were hoping for good things with John Metric's Miata dragster.

First up was the TVR but about a quarter of the way down the track it went bang and came to a stop.

And here they're pushing the TVR onto the trailer.

This is what the driveshaft looked like after all of that torque.

Next up was the triple AC35 motor with titanium shaft 911.  Lots of power, lots of money!

The 911 then ran against a beautiful hand-built AC Cobra replica.

A beautiful blue electric pickup truck was up next.

To everyone's surprise this electric drag motorcycle showed up for the racing.  He wasn't an EVCCON attendee, but came because he saw that today's racing was sanctioned by NEDRA.  He holds the world record for his voltage class, and you can see why.

This highly-customized electric golf cart (but still with the original gearbox) also holds the world record for its class.

Jason Horak's "Daytona That Wouldn't Die" survived the week of EVCCON without blowing up any parts.

Jack Rickard's Speedster Replica is one of the fastest street-focused home-built electric cars around.

Now we have the 911 vs. the Speedster in a Porsche grudge match.

Then the one we were waiting for all week - John Metric's custom electric Mazda Miata drag racer against the 911.  At the end of this run, the front hood peeled off the Miata and flew into the woods on the right side.

There were also a few gasoline motorcycles on the track that day, but we didn't pay much attention to them, they're so noisy and smelly!

So that wraps it up for EVCCON 2014.  See you next year for EVCCON 2015 from September 29 to October 2015, and if we're lucky there will be an EVCCON Amsterdam sometime soon.