Saturday, May 29, 2010

Article in the June 2010 Porsche Club Newsletter

I attended Gary King's car get-together at his shop at G-Rides on May 8, 2010.  There were several Porsches, a Viper, a couple of Ferraris, a hand-control-adapted Nissan 370Z and several other beautiful cars.  He also had some vendors in attendance including Brembo brakes (and the rep was a woodworker!) and a very cool battery charger/conditioner product called Save-A-Battery

I was discussing the 914 conversion to electric drive project with the rep from the charger company when Milt Worthy joined the conversation.  Milt is the Co-Editor of the "Coastalaire", the newsletter of the California Central Coast Region of the Porsche Club of America.  As we got deeper into the conversation, Milt asked if he could write an article about my restoration and electric conversion project in the June issue.  I said sure, and we met later the next week for about an hour to go into more detail about the project.  Two days later Milt emailed me the proposed story and I was amazed at his skills as a writer.  CCA region members should be receiving their printed newsletter soon, but the article is already available on page 13 of the June 2010 newsletter.

Thanks to Milt for his interest in the project, and getting the word out to the other members of the local Porsche Club chapter.