Tuesday, June 15, 2010

eBay Auctions for Un-needed Parts

I did my first round of eBay auctions for parts I won't be needing.  This included the gas tank and accessories, aftermarket side view mirrors, starter motor, fuel pump, racing harness bar and racing belts.  I wasn't able to sell the ash tray, cigarette lighter, rollbar vinyl trim, engine computer, front brake calipers, spark plugs and an oil filter.  I guess I'll relist that stuff in a while.

Well I sure learned a lot about selling stuff on eBay. 
  1. Get accurate weights on the parts, including the boxes and packing material so your shipping estimates are close.  
  2. Include extra costs to cover any cardboard boxes you might need to buy to do the shipping.  
  3. Beware someone from Spain bidding on your parts because they might win the auction but then back out because of the shipping cost.  You thought it was going to be cheap?
  4. Beware people with no bidding history winning an auction then vanishing off the face of the earth when they're supposed to pay.  You don't understand the eBay contract?
  5. Understand the maximum box sizes for the Post Office and UPS so they don't try to hit you with a $44 surcharge for being 2 inches over the limit.  Is the Post Office out of their mind?
  6. Packing and labeling and taking stuff to the shipping point is a pain in the ass.
In the end I've got around $300 to use for the project which is good, and some people have parts that they can use in their projects.

I have another batch of parts, including high-value chrome trim for the rollbar and the original side-view mirrors.  If you're interested, check out the auctions or contact me for the stuff that didn't sell.