Sunday, February 13, 2011

Porsche Club Poker Run to the Pozo Saloon

The Porsche club has a lot of great activities and I've started to participate as I can, even with a 914 (they don't seem to mind too much) and it's up on blocks.  They do think it's cool that I'm doing the electric conversion and most read about my work in the chapter newsletter last fall.

Last Sunday the club had a poker run from Atascadero to Sunday brunch at the Pozo Saloon.  We went on a lot of windy roads in Templeton, Paso Robles, Shandon, Creston and Pozo.  It's called a poker run because we were given 5 cards in a sealed envelope at the start.  There were two checkpoints where you could exchange any cards to improve your hand.  We ended up with three-of-a-kind-3s, but it wasn't good enough for a prize.  The drive took about 2 hours.  I was lucky to be invited as a passenger / navigator in Ken Finney's 2007 Carrera S.  What a magnificently-handling car.  I figured we were going into the ditch on several occasions but Ken's confidence in his brakes and foot-wide tires was spot on.  Ken upgraded several parts of his car at Gary's shop.  Sadly G-Rides is no more due to the economy but he went out with a great reputation in the Porsche and performance car fraternity.

Here is Ken and some pictures of the other 20 or so Porsches in the event.