Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frustration With Electro Automotive for Missing Parts

I just don't understand what EA is doing.  They're happy to make promises and take your money but after that, it's unreturned emails & voicemails and a dribble of parts if you're lucky.

It's been 9 months for me and I'm still waiting for nearly $6K worth of parts.  I've threatened legal action - nothing.  My last email to them was that I would sit outside the building at their event in March in San Jose and hand out flyers warning people not to buy their system - no response.  My frustration level is off the charts right now and I'm going to do it.  Anybody else within driving distance is welcome to join me on Saturday March 19.

If you're a paying customer of EA and are still waiting for parts, please email me at with your name, when you placed your initial order, and an estimated value of the parts you're still waiting for.  If you have all of your parts now but had shipping delays or communication issues, let me know too.  I'll put all of our names on the flyer to explain the situation of current paying customers.

I posted this notice to the 914EV forum, and 15 minutes later I have confirmation of over $20K of waiting orders from 3 people.  I'll keep this updated as the event date approaches.