Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Parts are Rolling In

It looks like the pressure I put on ElectroAuto is paying off.  In the past week I received three emails and four boxes of parts.  I'm still going up to their seminar on Saturday because I want to talk with them face to face and explain the difficulties involved in being their customer.  And it's not just about me, but about all of the other customers waiting for parts.  This is what I got:

Motor Controller:

Heavy cable:

Front shocks and rear struts:

and the rear springs.  Here you see the old and new side by side.  It's interesting that the car already had aftermarket KYB struts which are being replaced by a very similar model KYB model.  The car had been autocrossed and I noticed that the front brakes have already been upgraded to BMW 3-series discs and calipers.  I'm sure the new struts are spec'd for the heavier load.

In this closeup, you can see the new spring is a significantly heavier gauge steel.  I looked for a load marking but couldn't see anything.  It was surprisingly easy to remove the old units.  Just remember to loosen the top nut before removing the huge bolt in the bottom.

Now off to Gary's so he can use his spring compressor to remove the top plate from the old strut and build the new one up.

According to EA, I'm due to receive the contactor, DC/DC converter, charger, torsion bars, control arm bushings this week or early next week.  This would only leave the wire crimper, engine loom, terminal blocks, battery box weather stripping and hood pins.