Sunday, May 22, 2011

Final Parts Dribbling In

When I got back from my trip to Infineon, I had a small box from ElectroAuto waiting.  Inside I found:

The lug crimper.  I'm not going to use this because the hydraulic one I borrowed from Kelly is far superior.

The contactor diode.  I can't find anything in the instructions that says which terminals to attach this to on the contactor, so I'll have to do some research later.

Positive and negative terminal posts.  The electrical system design uses these posts to be the main mounting points of the positive and ground parts of the circuit.

Battery box weather stripping.  This sticks onto the top edge of the battery boxes and seals out the elements.

Wiring harness.  This is a pre-built harness to accelerate the process of hooking up various electric bits.

This means the very last parts I'm still waiting for are the hood pins!  I also realize now that I'm at the point of wiring up the high-current DC cables, that I'm missing a copper piece that goes between two posts of the electric motor.  It's a flat copper bar with heatshrink tubing shrunk onto it, with a hole drilled in each end.  I emailed Shari that I didn't realize I was missing this part because it's not explicitly listed on the shipping list.  Of course I didn't get a reply, but I'm hoping it will just show up some day.  Worst case I can fabricate it myself.