Sunday, May 8, 2011

Finally Some Electrical Bits!

Now that I've got my remaining electrical parts, I can get started.  I can't do the whole job yet because I'm searching for some "affordable" plastic boxes to hold the contactor, potbox and terminal blocks.  I'm not leaving those out to the elements as the EA manual says.

Anyway, I was able do get started.  This is the supplied DC high-voltage, high-current cable.  It's called welding cable or locomotive cable, and is made up of hundreds of hair-sized wires, so it's very flexible.

EA is supposed to supply a cable lug crimper, but it hasn't shown up yet...  I checked around at work with the electricians I know and found that Kelly Minton has a great hydraulic crimper.  You can see the steps to make a solid crimp below.

You can see the crimper crimps from 4 sides for an extremely good connection.  The final step is to put some shrinkwrap tubing and shrink it down.

I mounted the controller to the backing plate.  This was heavy and messy due to the white heatsink compound.  I built cables and mounted to the controller and the motor.  The rest will come in when I mount the contactor in the box.