Friday, April 27, 2012

Rear Trunk Hinges Found!

After many weeks of trying to find replacements for the body-shop-lost rear trunk hinges, I was given a pointer to a pointer to dc Automotive, a massive Porsche salvage operation that had them in stock, along with the small bracket and associated hardware.  There is apparently only one new one left on the planet, at Porsche in Germany, so I had to go into the used parts market.  $133 later, these golden magic parts showed up at my house.

I dropped them off at the body shop today.  They will blast, prime and paint them and get them back to me next week.  I have the car entered into the Warbirds, Wings and Wheels car show at the Paso Robles airport on May 14, so I have a pretty tight timeline to get the hood mounted and the J1772 connector and step-down autotransformer integrated into the charging system - more on this later!