Friday, May 11, 2012

Rear Trunk Hinges Complete

Well the saga of the rear trunk hinges has come to a conclusion!  After finding a replacement set and delivering them to the body shop, they blasted, primed and painted them to match the body color.

I buffed off the bracket and the pivot bolts.  I decided not to paint the brackets as they'll be sliding each time the trunk is opened and closed, scraping off the paint around the slot.

Here is the final parts assembly before installation.

And here is one of the brackets installed.  It's pretty tight in there with the battery box, so you can only see the pivot bolt in the upper-right.

With the trunk lid aligned and hinges tightened, I installed the long-waiting Camp914 TrunkShox to match the set in the front trunk.  It was a very easy procedure.  First you drill two holes in the fresh trunk hinge and bolt in the pivot bracket.

Then you snap on the gas struts and mark where the rear pivot bracket needs to go.  You then drill and mount the bracket.

One minor complication is the strut is blocked by the ridge for the gasket between the trunk and engine area.

I gently lowered the trunk, marked the area to cut out, cut it out, sanded and primed, giving what you see below.  I mixed up some paint and painted this area to match the body color the next day after the primer dried.

Here is the trunk, held up in place by the gas struts.

And here is the trunk shut for the first time in two years, and looking great!