Sunday, May 27, 2012

PakTrakr For Android Published to Google Play Store

Well I followed the 97 (it seemed like) step process to prepare the PakTrakr For Android app to be published in the Google Play store.  I made extensive notes so I won't have to re-learn everything for version 1.1.  After a few hours of Google magic processing, it showed up.  You can find it if you search for PakTrakr.  Here's a screen shot of how it looks in the store.  Google does a nice job presenting the app with the screen captures I made, and making it easy to click away 99 hard-earned cents!  I was going to make this initial release free as we work through any bugs and enhancements, but if you make it free from the start, you can't make it a pay-app in the future.  Others have worked around this by having a fully-featured pay app and a cut-down free app.  As a user, I don't think there's anything that I would want to have removed so I decided against the free version.

The "manual" for the app will always be here, so check for the latest updates.