Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Warbirds, Wings, Wheels and Major Awards

Well it's not the glow of electric sex in the front window like Raphie's father got, but this weekend I picked up a major award myself - the First In Class trophy for "Special Interests" at the Warbirds, Wings and Wheels 4 car show in Paso Robles, California.

Here she is, hoods up and targa top off in all her Teutonic electric glory.  I must have talked with over 100 people about the car and electric cars in general.  I got some nice comments about the build quality, something I spent an inordinate amount of time on.  I also dispelled some rumors about the Chevy Volt fire, range anxiety, electric vehicle cost, last week's Fisker fire, Tesla's imminent release of the Model S, Communists and Socialists...  About a dozen people remembered the car from the Warbirds show last year as an empty shell, with my promise of having it built and running by next year's show.  I don't think any of them thought I was going to pull it off, and frankly at times neither did I!

They had me lined up directly across from Corvette Row, which was ironic given the amount of gas they burn.

With a jet fighter of some kind pointed right at me.

The organizers were expecting up to 500 cars to show up.  I didn't get much time to walk around but there were cars as far as they eye could see.

 At the end of my row was this Iwo Jima-experienced P-51 Mustang, named Dolly.

And here's my major award, a 3D image of a classic American icon - hod rods at a Drive In theater on a Saturday night.  Well my little electric 914 is not quite in line with the image, but the judges seemed happy to have me and I was happy to be there.  Next up, the Gathering Of Friends VI all European car show at Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo on July 15.