Monday, August 31, 2015

Tesla Vancouver Canada Showroom

I discovered Tesla had a showroom in downtown Vancouver so I headed into the city.  I couldn't walk to the Tesla store directly as some streets were blocked off due to a gas leak under the city streets, firetrucks all over the place.

The Tesla store is quite small, with only enough room for one car and no rolling chassis.

After a long discussion with Tesla staff member Preston, he offered to let me have a test drive.  He asked me if I wanted the P85D and I said of course!  Walked to their parking area, they have 4 cars ready for test drives.  We crept through the grid-locked CBD due to the light rain and gas-leak blocked roads, having to wait a couple of cycles for each light.  Not the best demonstration of the Tesla's performance.  Finally the traffic opened up and we went into a not-much-used tunnel leading to the docks which luckily was also dry so I punched it in Insane mode.  I could only hold the pedal down for a couple of seconds before I had to let up.  My eyes went a bit tunnel-vision and I got a pulse shock of adrenaline through my system.  It's truly an unbelievable feeling, even more than the other Teslas I've driven.  Big thanks to Preston!