Wednesday, August 5, 2015 DC Fast Charging Headquarters Auckland New Zealand

By prior arrangement, I was picked up at the Auckland airport by my EVTV electric car buddy Nick Smith. We drove to my other EVTV electric car buddy Steve West's office and workshop. Steve and his Canadian (yay!) wife Dee have the only Tesla Roadster in NZ and also a Tesla Model S and a Nissan Leaf. They just placed an order for another Model S.

You could say they're a bit nuts about electric vehicles and you'd be right, but it doesn't stop there. They run a trust called #LeadingTheCharge which works for the uptake of electric vehicles, charging and energy independence in New Zealand. With the rest of their spare time, they've started a business called which will roll out nearly 100 DC Fast Charge electric vehicle stations all the way up and down New Zealand. 

I got to see the first charger up close and unplugged my first CHAdeMO plug from a friend's Nissan Leaf who popped in for a quick charge and test the functionality.