Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tesla Chadstone Shopping Center Melbourne Australia Showroom

The next day I took the bus to Chadstone Shopping Center in eastern Melbourne.  As you can see, it's in the middle of the walkway in the mall, at a bend with a cupola above, big pillars and a pair of escalators, a perfect place to pick up a lot of foot traffic.

There was a white 85 and a rolling chassis with only the rear motor, plus a mockup supercharger and an HPVC unit that had enough power to open the charge port on the car. 

I spoke briefly to the Tesla staffer who I thought I recognized from yesterday, but by the way he was talking it was like he didn't know me, so I explained about my visit to Church Street yesterday, my love of Tesla, my car, my trip, etc. 

I was sitting at a side table looking at my phone and people kept coming up to ask me questions. I'd tell them I don't work for Tesla but the staffer was always busy so I tried to answer best I could. They normally have two people working, with two Teslas in the parking garage ready for test drives.

This is a great marketing strategy to pick up folks who just happen to walk by and are drawn in by the cars.  Infinity had a similar display in another part of the mall but there was nobody looking...