Friday, July 24, 2015

Tesla Sydney Australia Showroom

One top goal on my Around-The-World trip is to hit as many Tesla locations as humanly possible.

While in Sydney, I took the bus from my hotel across the city, jumped off and walked about 300m to the Tesla showroom. It's really big, with a huge long glass wall along the road, with about 10 parking spots right in front and superchargers all across.

Like most Tesla showrooms, they had a rolling chassis on display but this one was the first I've seen with the "D" motor installed up front.  They don't have any Ds for sale yet, but should be soon.

I spoke with Gavin, the assistant service manager about Tesla and my electric 914. I then arranged for a test drive with Taylor, an American woman who went to Uni here and never left. I didn't get to punch it due to city traffic, but it drives perfectly. 

They're running a special Billion Miles event the next day, so I got a Tesla neck lanyard and ID card for taking a test drive. 

Gavin took me downstairs to the service area, it's painted Tesla red and white and sparkling clean as you would expect, only one orange Roadster in for service. Gavin said that since Australia was later in the worldwide rollout, they didn't experience a lot of the early problems such as naughty door handles and drivetrain bearings.  Gavin asked that I not post any pictures of the service area and I'm happy to comply.

We discussed the Right To Repair documentation issue, he doesn't think Australia legislates full disclosure like Massachusetts. 

Tesla uses the Mennekes Type 2 connector here for supercharging, with 7 pins, and physically a bit larger than the US connector.

Pricing goes from AUD $113,152 "on the road" for the cheapest 70 kwh pack with a 4 month delivery queue, up to $225,763 for the fully loaded P90D, including $43K in taxes. The only government savings on an electric car is a slight decrease in the Luxury Car tax. The current Aussie government thinks coal is the solution for the future and is actively fighting solar, wind and electric vehicles. Hope the bums get voted out next time.

Many thanks to the Tesla staff for taking the time to chat and answer my questions and give me a test drive!