Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tesla East Richmond Melbourne Australia Showroom

Tesla has two locations in Melbourne Australia, a full showroom & service center on Church Street in East Richmond, and also a display area at the Chadstone Shopping Center.  This is the Church Street location,

The folks at the Church Street showroom were great. I talked with Nick, a service technician. He gave me the tour around. This location has a massive service shop area, only about 25% of the floorspace is used right now; I was asked not to publish any pictures. This building is meant as an owner support center while the other site at a shopping mall in nearby Chadstone is where they get the foot traffic and sales leads.

I then spoke with Nathan, the Product Specialist. He has a flexible role but is the go-to guy for technical issues. He handles walk-ins and phone calls, works 9-5 5 days a week and floats between the two locations. He does test-drives, follow-ups, and lead captures. He needs to log about 45 leads per week but it's easy to do at the Chadstone location. 

We also discussed the Delivery Experience role and the Service Concierge role, with me filing the information away for a foggy future plan...  This is the Delivery area.

Tesla offers a 24-hour lounge for folks who need a charge outside of business hours.  It's accessed via a keypad on the door and is heated & cooled, lighted and has a coffee machine.

Tesla has to make locale-specific changes for the various markets around the world. The differences on the Australia model are: 1) No child seat option - against crash safety rules. 2) No web browser in the 17" display - against driver inattention rules. 3) Mennekes Type 2 charging connector. 4) Some of the new autopilot features will be allowed, but some may not comply with current law and will be excluded.

Big thanks to the staff!