Monday, December 26, 2011

Steering Column Adjustment

When I bought the 944 wiper/blinker control mechanism, I didn't think the stalks would be set at a different depth, but yep, they're too close to the back of the steering wheel.  You may have heard me comment on the video that I was banging my fingers on the stalks as I turned the wheel.

A quick Google search led me to LTB Autosports and their 1" wheel spacer.  It was just what I was looking for, and it came with beautiful new screws.  The ones that came with the car were scratched up and had most of the allen-key hole rounded over.  You can see it in place between the wheel and the original column.

The only downside was the adapter is painted and won't let the current through to complete the horn circuit.  I did a gentle wire wheel grinding on my drill press to open up some shiny aluminum and it beeps like a champ.  Now it looks great and won't scrape the skin off my fingers every time I need to turn.