Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lower Dashboard, 12V socket and Wiring Cleanup

I contacted the USB hub vendor for assistance why it wasn't delivering power to the Droid Bionic, but got nothing back.  I decided to install a 12V socket under the dashboard for two reasons.  First, I know it will work.  Second, depending on the 12V charger plug, it will deliver more than the 900ma I was hoping for with the USB hub.  I had one lying around rated for 1A (1000ma) output.  Hopefully that will be able to keep up with the power draw when the phone is running my PakTrakr app, GPS and Bluetooth.

I mounted the 12V socket and wired it to an unswitched fuse in the new fuse block.  You can see the 12V charger plugged into the socket on the left side.  This leaves me with 3 USB power ports for future use.

With all of the new wiring done, I tidied up under the dashboard.  I put wire loom on all of the wire groupings I created and zip-tied everything into place and tight.

I then moved to the lower dashboard.  The only change here is to bolt in the mounting frame for the two Electro Auto instruments.  That went in nicely, then I screwed the lower dashboard into the dashboard frame.  Mounted the instruments into the frame and wired them up.  I then stuck in the right and left vents and tightened them down.

My to-do list is getting very short!  To finish off the interior, I just have to install the glove compartment and refurbish the upper dashboard.