Monday, February 27, 2012

J1772 Car Charging Station

I have a plan to install a 3-car-size shade structure and put another 3.3KW of solar power on top of it.  This will get me down from about $30/month to a $0 electric bill, even with the burden of charging the car.

In order to move into the future I leveraged my employee discount at REC Solar / AEE Solar and bought a Schneider Electric J1772-standard EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment).  It's technically not a charger, but a "smart" device that delivers power to the car and works with the in-car J1772 controller and charger to intelligently charge the car.

I'll mount the EVSE to a post on the carport.  I will also add it to my profile on PlugShare to offer J1772 in addition to a 120V outlet to anyone who needs a charge in my area.