Monday, February 27, 2012

Window Seal Trim

My efforts to de-chrome the car ran into a glitch when I realized that the rubber window seals slide into chrome trim strips that are mounted around the door.  First I pulled the pieces out of the "sell" bin.

Then I cleaned them up and straightened the dents.  I scuffed the chrome surface, then primed and painted them black and topcoated clear, but taped off the "slot" area so the paint wouldn't get inside and prevent the seals from sliding in easily.

Then I mounted each piece into its place, with two thin strips of butyl behind acting as a water seal.

I then cleaned and slid the seal into place.  This is a replacement seal from 914Rubber.  I left the rubber long until I install the targa top and perform all adjustments, then trim correctly.  The blacked-out trim now disappears between the body and the rubber seal.

Here's how the door looks closed.  I need to do some fine adjustment on the bolts holding the window mechanism in order to get the glass nice and tight into the seals.

Here's the trim and rubber in place on the windshield A pillar.