Thursday, September 20, 2012

Circuit Of The Americas

I was in Austin a couple of weeks ago and went to the airport a little early so I could scope out the progress of the new Formula 1 track called Circuit of the Americas.  The practice starts November 16, that's only 2 months from now and they are nowhere near ready.  I heard that they were still installing things at the new track in India the day before, this one is going to be just as close.  Check out these pictures and see what you think.  I get emails from them all the time, they really want to sell me some expensive tickets!  Bleacher seats for $1749, main grandstand for $3899!  I read it will cost $240 just to park there for the 3-day Formula 1 weekend...

Here's an overview of the track with the grandstands highlighted for ticket purchase.

This is what you see coming down the road towards the track.

This was the construction entrance, which may end up being the main entrance too.

This is the main grandstands.

 This is the (I think) west side of the main grandstands.

This is the east side.

This may be a maintenance area, or spaces for local race teams to keep and work on their cars.

Not sure what this building is, it may predate the track construction.

This is The Tower Amphitheater.  I see a tower, but no amphitheater!  You can also see a walkway across the track, the scoring tower and part of the paved track area.  

So...  a lot of work to do in a very short period of time.  Good luck, I'd like to see a great race weekend after the debacle of F1 at Indy.