Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gathering of Friends Car Show 2012

Each summer the Porsche club hosts a European-only car show  in San Luis Obispo called A Gathering Of Friends, which benefits Camp Hapitok (pronounced Happy Toke, but I don't think that's what it means!)  Since I had the 914 completed, I decided to bring it down on the trailer, because I still don't think I can make it the full 45 miles from my house.  I parked the trailer behind the warehouse at my work, and drove the car across town to the show area at Laguna Lake.

Being so close to the ocean, it was a little gloomy until about 10 AM when the sun came out.

I'm parked next to a nice 70s Mercedes convertible with sheepskin seat covers...

Here's our row, Porsches as far as the eye can see.

A great selection of daily drivers, not many garage queens here.

This yellow DeTomaso Pantera was in my class and took the trophy.  The engine was pristine chrome.

This sweet 348 belongs to a friend in the Porsche club.  He's looking for another 308 / 348 with a blown engine for me to convert to electric.  eFerrari?  FerrariE?  Hmmm.  I already have most of the components picked out in my mind, with an eye to keeping as close to the stock performance as possible.

I took some close-ups of the engine compartment to see what gets to stay, what goes and what I can fit in where.  Looks like a challenge but do-able as long as I can find space for all of the batteries!