Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paso Robles Classic Car Show Weekend 2012

On Labor Day weekend 2012, my town of Paso Robles, California hosted a classic car show for pre-1977 vehicles.  On Friday evening the police blocked off both ends of the main street and all of the cars drove around in a big circle for a couple of hours.

The theme seemed to be heavily customized muscle cars, but I was happy to be there with my little electric car.

We were staged in the parking lot of a deserted lumber yard.

On Saturday morning, we packed into the park in the town square and set up for a long day.  I had both hoods open as usual to catch people's attention, which ended up in some great discussions and education about my car and electric cars in general.

I was parked next to a Porsche 550 Spyder replica, which won the trophy for our class.

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