Sunday, November 27, 2011

CalPoly Electric 911 Project

I went to the local Porsche Club New Member BBQ a few weekends ago and met up with CalPoly students in the Motor Car Association who were recently given an electric-converted 911, in baby blue...  The downside of the project is the current  range is somewhere around 100 yards!

The students built a really great display.  They're looking for assistance and donations to restore, upgrade, learn a lot and get it out on the road.

The bad news is the 10 12V lead-acid batteries are toast.

The good news is it's got a Zilla ZL-1 controller!  There's a lot of potential there with the right battery pack.

 The original owner had some good ideas, including 4 contactors!

I was approached by Bruce Bero of the Porsche club, as I'm the resident "expert" on electric cars.  The club has agreed to assist the students and the project in whatever way we can.  The first bit of guidance I gave to the team is to ditch the batteries for a set of Lithiums (LiFEPO4) if they can get donations.  The controller, charger and motor are all good, so the batteries are the natural starting place.  I pointed them to the video archive at to get a deep dive into electric cars and battery technology.  I'll stay in touch and help them as needed.