Saturday, November 5, 2011


Just before I left for EVCCON, my battery order arrived.  Well, I should say the second battery order.  They previously shipped the correct US Batteries 125XC units, but with the wrong terminals.  They kit requires, and I specifically asked for, "small L-posts" that the battery bus bars and cabling attach to with a bolt/washer/washer/nut assembly.  The first order came with standard automotive round terminals.  It was clearly their fault, but there was every chance that they could have charged me a return fee or shipping fee.  Luckily, they were able to pick them up and take the back to the factory in the same truck that dropped off the new order.

Here is the full load of 20 batteries.  It was a definite test of the shocks and springs in my truck.

You can see the correct L-post below, along with the factory-supplied "SpeedCap" that opens all 3 watering opening with the twist of the wrist.  Pretty cool, otherwise I'm unscrewing, checking and screwing 60 openings all the time.