Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wrapping up the Windshield Washer System

Alert readers will remember that I upgraded the windshield washer control stalk from the fluid valve in the 914 to the electric version from a 924.  I also added an electric washer pump motor.  The last thing required in the system is a washer fluid tank.  The original washer fluid tank wouldn't fit into it's home anymore due to the fuel-tank battery box.

The local O'Reilly Auto parts place had a selection of plastic tanks intended for radiator overflow, and one was small enough for my needs.  It attaches with a spring clip.  After testing it in several places it looked like the best thing would be to attach it to the back of the battery box.  I carefully measured and marked, then installed some rivnuts in the battery box wall.  I had to grind down the back of the rivnut and the bolt as they were impinging on the space needed by the battery in that corner.

And here is the tank in place.  I ran tubing out the bottom of the tank and looped it around and into the input of the washer pump, making sure the bottom of the tank is above the pump to keep it primed.

The hole in the tank is in a very convenient location for filling.  Job done until I can test after final pump wiring hookup.