Saturday, November 12, 2011

PakTrakr wiring

It was time to install the PakTrakr remote units to the battery pack.  The key to understand is the PakTrakr "Battery 1" is the most-negative battery in the set to be measured by the remote.  The black wire goes to the Battery 1 negative terminal, then the voltage sensors wires go to the positive terminals of Battery 1 up to Battery 8, with color code Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White, Brown, Yellow, and Violet.

Since the PakTrakr remote pulls a little bit of current all the time, I put a detachable link on the Black wire.  I'll pull them if I won't be driving the car for a while.

As soon as the Black and Red wires were connected, a small greed LED started blinking on each remote.  This indicates that the remote is working correctly.  I'll clean up the sensor wires with small zip-ties once all of the data checks out.

The next step will be to daisy-chain each remote's data cable back to the display in the dashboard.  I'll then install an RS-232 to Bluetooth adapter which will drive data to the app on my Android-based Bionic.  I just upgraded the phone a few weeks ago - it's got a faster CPU and more memory, but most importantly it has a bigger screen for better visibility of the app display.