Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brake Work

It's been a while since the last update, but I've been making steady progress.  I found these great single-person brake bleed nipples at PelicanParts.  Since I'm working on my own, everything that helps me do things myself gets a shot.  These have a one-way valve that allows you to bleed the brake by backing them off 1/4 of a turn, pumping the brake until the air is gone, then tightening again.

 I replaced them on all four caliper units.

I'll fill and bleed the system later.

Next I moved on to the brake pressure sensor switch.  Alert readers will remember that only one of the wires was connected to the sensor switch, the other one was dangling.  I bought a new switch from Pelican Parts and replaced it.  The new switch has two connectors, but upon removing the old one, I found it was in good shape, yet had only one connector terminal.  I can only think it was a badly-done replacement, so I put in the new switch and put new connectors on the ends of the wires, running them through a rubber shroud.  It turns out the length of the connectors prevents the shroud fitting correctly, so I'll put right-angle connectors on soon.