Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horn and Steering Wheel Installation

After I got the steering column in place, I decided to try installing the steering wheel.  I should have known there would be problems, as there was no horn button in the car when I bought it, along with a Momo aftermarket steering wheel.  The horn button (several actually) and a round metal ring were included in a box of parts I got with the car, so I tried to figure out how to get it all back together properly.

It turns out the metal ring is a standard part that provides a ground connection, completing the horn circuit and beeping the horns.  The problem is, no matter how I tried to mount the ring between the steering column and the wheel, it wouldn't fit.  There is a raised ridge around the ring, but the hole in the wheel is 55mm and the ring is larger than that.  To me this says the ridge has go point into the steering column, but it doesn't fit into that very well either.

The ring does the job of a compression friction fit of the horn button.

I'll have to go back again and see if I can make things fit.  I'm guessing the steering column is not quite compatible with this ring, but despite a lot of Google searches, I can't find an alternative ring or any advice on making this work.  I'm going to leave the wheel off for now as I finish up work on the dashboard area.