Sunday, September 18, 2011

Charger Plug and Wiring

The EA kit comes with a nice weatherproof 120V socket with male pins, designed to take the female end of an extension cord.  The manual has a suggested through-the-bodywork installation process.  After all of the work I did with this car, there's no way I'm drilling a big hole through it.  I decided to mount a box inside the front trunk, giving easy access by popping the front trunk, plugging in, the laying the trunk lid down.  This also gives me the option of moving it in the future, or adding a J1772 plug when I add a 240V charger.

I got a 4"x4"x4" plastic box with a removable gasketed lid at Lowe's.  I found a place for it in the front left corner of the front trunk, next to the battery box.  I mounted it in place with two bolts and a rubber strip to cushion the box from the vibration.

I then drilled a hole in the lid, sized to the plug from the EA kit.

Here's the plug in place for a test fit.

I mounted the plug with some nice stainless steel pan-head allen key bolts and nylock nuts.  I ran the EA-supplied cable from the plug and out of the box through a cable gland.

Here it is in place.

Last step was to land the wires onto the terminal block.  The top three terminals run over to the charger.