Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saddlebag Vent Installation

 The saddlebag battery cases need to be vented, so EA has this two-into-one system.  First thing was to mount the exhaust plenum to each box.  They didn't have nut studs installed at the factory, so I had to install them myself.  I did that, and mounted the plenums to each box.  Then I discovered that the "T" is too short - it needs to be about 1/2" longer on each side to properly grab the plenum flange.  I'm going to have to paw through the plumbing section at Lowe's to find a replacement or a way to extend it a bit.

Next I mounted the exhaust fan housing to the top of the "T" and ran a flex hose to the exhaust port on the rear firewall.  Last I ran the wiring not to the relay area (because it was all sealed up), but over to the fan on the right side of the mid battery box.  Here you can see the gap that I'll have to fix.