Sunday, September 18, 2011

Swap Meet

There was an auto swap meet today in my town, set up by the "Early Ford V8" club.  I would say it was about an acre in size, with a lot of very, very rusty old car parts that I wouldn't be able to identify!  I got a lot of foot traffic past my spot and some good discussion about 914s and the world of electric cars and solar power.

The entry fee was $25 so I was trying to earn my money back and sell some stuff to get it out of the shop.  I really wanted to sell the engine and told people it was worth $500 but I'd sell for $350 so I wouldn't have to take it home.  I had a couple of serious browsers, but in the end it didn't sell.  I sold two starter motors, the original 12V battery and a box of spark plugs, for a total of $22.  I ended up with a net loss of $3, plus another $5 for a huge Porsche 2011 calendar, still in the box and shrink wrap.  I did get a couple of good leads on places a little south of me that might be interested in the remaining parts.