Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steering Column Rebuild

Now that I have the ignition cylinder restored and new keys cut, I could move ahead and rebuild the steering column.  I sanded, primed and painted the metal housings, then built everything back in reverse order.

A major change I made was to swap in a 924 indicator / wiper stalk assembly, as it has an electric switch to control a windshield washer pump.  There is an article at Pelican Parts that guided me through the swap.  This is the 924 assembly I bought on eBay, after I moved the 914's white wire guides over.  You can see the red and brown wires at the bottom are extra, and don't have a guide slot. 

Next I added butt splices onto the two wires, to extend them down into the dashboard so I can wire them up to a fuse and the washer fluid pump.

Here I'm threading the extended wires through the gap in the bracket.  I gently slid the 914 wire guide into the bracket and slid the assembly over the steering shaft and onto the bearing.

I then ran the four long screws into the steering column bracket, securing the whole assembly.  And here we are, ready for the steering wheel.  This is an easy and very worthwhile retrofit, thanks to the evolution of the part from Porsche.